Why Nebosh IGC Course

Nebosh IGC course in Chennai Nebosh IGC, the thirst of all young aspirants to reach their desired job in health and safety. Nebosh IGC Course brings lots of job opportunities in abroad. The expats who work in abroad are majority of Indians with Nebosh Qualifications, there are lots of job opportunities available in countries like …

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Effects of Electric Shocks

Effects of Electric Shock on the Body Electricity can cause injury to people in two ways, by electric shock or burns. The effects of electric current passing through any part of the body can range from a tingling sensation to a severe jolt to a complete muscular contraction, respiratory failure and death. Hazards associated with …

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Definitions In Nebosh International General Certificate

Nebosh IGC Definitions Hazards Risks Accident Incident Near Misses Dangerous Occurances Health and safety deinitions are important topics for nebosh igc exams. Nebosh igc questions includes health and safety definition as important syllabus. POSHE offer you exclusive training for nebosh course in chennai and in other locaitons, The definitions in nebosh igc syllabus as follows: …

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