Why Nebosh IGC Course

Nebosh IGC course in Chennai

Nebosh IGC, the thirst of all young aspirants to reach their desired job in health and safety. Nebosh IGC Course brings lots of job opportunities in abroad. The expats who work in abroad are majority of Indians with Nebosh Qualifications, there are lots of job opportunities available in countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi, Oman and other GCC states. Even Nebosh courses gives job opportunities in Singapore as well in South East Asian countries.

The Nebosh IGC course gives you a wide knowledge about the skills required to manage health and safety at work place, the importance of managing health and safety, the different costs involved when health safety is not managed at work, the significance of safety policy and many other management skills can be acquired from unit 1 /IG 1. 

The tutors for nebosh igc from POSHE are experienced in handling the subject and they will take you through the nuances of the management skill required to manage health and safety at work.

Unit 2 /GC 2 gives you an excellent understanding  the workplace hazards and their controls measures, it covers different range of industries so that the delegates have over all knowledge about the different workplace hazards and how to control that suitably, the different range of industries and topics covered are constructions, transport, fire, electrical, and much more. 

Unit 2 is assessed by Risk profiling practical assessment, the learner has to prepare a risk assessment and highlight the issues to the management for action. 

Upon successful completion of these 2 Units, you are qualified for the Nebosh IGC course and clears you path to find the gateway for safety career in abroad.

Candidate who accomplish this course successfully refer their friends and relatives for this course to get the benefits out of it.